Learning with Rachel

There are several ways to work with me. And one special way to get me in front of you.

In Person

Addie Best working in the Ruins

1. Become a student of the The Ruins Project and get yourself to Rachel Sager Mosaics Studio in Perryopolis, PA.

Notes for visitors:

If you bring a friend or spouse, we are happy to help out with non-mosaic activities. The Great Allegheny Passage bike trail and the Youghiogheny River are a stone’s throw from The Studio. If you would like to bring a friend as a fellow private student, we can arrange a different pricing structure for you both.

Online Courses

2. You can get me in front of you wherever you are by investing in one of my online courses at Mosaic Arts Online. There are pros and cons to any learning investment. Sometimes your memory can fade after the experience of an in-person study.

Pros: Once purchased, these classes are yours forever. You don’t need to take notes; just watch it again! Learn from your couch, hit pause or rewind as often as you like. You don’t have the additional costs of travel (lodging, airfare, food, etc.)

Cons: You will not have the benefit of one-on-one back and forth instruction and conversation with me. You will not be able to immerse yourself in the magical secluded environment of The Studio, The River House and The Ruins Project.

View my Online Courses here.


3. Keep an eye on my calendar for my traveling workshops. These are becoming rare as I commit more time to building the permanent infrastructure here at Rachel Sager Mosaics.

Private Study

4. You can arrange for a private class here at the Studio for $50/hour. I am happy to tailor a time and learning structure that suits your needs. You can also arrange to pair active teaching time with additional quiet studio time at $20/hour. Students have found this is a welcome respite for those who need time to soak in and process what can be information overload.

Pros: One-on-one personal interaction in a beautiful setting with all tools and materials provided. An opportunity to view all Ruins work by previous local, national, and international artists at your leisure.

Cons: You have to get here and find lodging which is a higher investment.

Contact me for rates or to schedule your private session.

Suggested Topics

Things that you may choose to focus on in a private study:
Learn technique, body mechanics, and care of the hammer and hardie

How to fall in love with your hammer and hardie. We have all the hammers here. From technique, body mechanics, care, and even watching as your own custom log is cut with a chainsaw and packed into your car for its journey to your studio. Cutting material can be a joyful step in the mosaic making process and I love sharing the nuances that help it be so much more than a means to an end.

Red dog from the river

The secrets of foraging a landscape (any landscape) for your raw material. There are many meditative steps to building relationships with foraged mosaic material. Our spot by the river is prime picking for all kinds of special geology. We have the blackest of shale and the reddest of red dog!


Material, space, size, complexity. Walking the line.

Walking the Line through Intuitive Andamento. The line, or the pathways that your tesserae travel, reigns supreme at Rachel Sager Mosaics. If you choose to focus your time on this miraculous series of actions, I guarantee that your art, and possibly even your life, will become more illuminated. I have created a unique way to separate your brain from worrying about any composition in order to focus all of your sensibilities on andamento as a practice. I believe that the line, indeed, can make you a better person.

Building your own bespoke substrates. One of the first roadblocks to a budding mosaicist is finding appropriate boards on which to stick all your beautiful stuff! Pitfalls and tragedies abound here and it’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t so your art will last longer than you do. There are many ingenious ways to build correct, durable, and lightweight substrates.

The Studio Porch – a great place for conversation

Contemporary mosaic philosophy discussions. As a mosaic artist on this planet, you may have noticed the energetic renaissance that is happening in our medium. Its an exciting time to be working and playing with all the pieces of things. Here at Rachel Sager Mosaics, we love to talk about not just the how tos but just as importantly, the whys of what is happening. The studio porch is a perfect place to contemplate and share ideas.

Make your mark on The Ruins

Making your mark at The Ruins Project. As a private student, you have the opportunity to install a piece of your art onto the walls of history. This work can be done in the studio on mesh and installed later or created in situ, surrounded by the trees and birdsong.