Printlandia: A Conversation with my Epson Printer

Rachel Sager "Printlandia" mosaic

December 2012

19″h x 24″w x 1″d

Materials: 100% printer—plastic, metal, and glass on hand-built substrate


Artist statement

I got very angry at my Epson printer this winter and turned it into a mosaic. My need to funnel rage into a piece of non-functional technology opened up a new world to me. The process started as a compulsion for pure destruction and morphed into an absolutely new relationship; one that made sense to me. The goal was to turn a piece of static plastic, metal, and glass into an organic image. This map-like image represents the undiscovered continents and oceans that await the intrepid traveler in the generous medium of mosaic.

We often see objects mosaiced; toasters, cars, houses, etc. Cutting an object itself into thousands of pieces with a plan to transpose it into something utterly unlike its former self is quite another thing. The key to this piece is my relationship to it. I was able to transform an object that I felt true animosity towards and redefine it entirely.