Rachel Sager "Fallingwater" mosaic

August 2014, commission

36″h x 24″w

Materials: Sandstone, limestone, Marcellus shale, smalti, gold smalti, concretions, ceramic

Artist statement

In 2014 I had the honor of recreating Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Fallingwater in mosaic for a board member of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

Fallingwater is a world-famous destination nestled in the Laurel Mountains of my native Fayette County. It is known for being more than the sum of its parts: the architect, the client, the land, the architecture, and the period. It’s the inspired coming together of all these parts that make it such an important structure, worthy of preservation.

My mosaic philosophy and process share many similarities to Wright’s. I approach my work in a similar way; taking into consideration the land, the material, the history, and the people.