Light out for the Territory

Rachel Sager "Light out for the territory" mosaicApril 2012

18″h x 24″w

Materials: Unglazed ceramic tile, shaped lead cubes, Italian smalti, brick, sandstone, shale

Artist Statement

Mark Twain readers may recognize the end line of Huckleberry Finn in this title. Huck’s honest proclamation that we won’t be tied down and civilized, even by the well-meaning Widow Douglas, never fails to make my heart skip. He will light out for the territory (meaning the Indian territory and everything west of his Mississippi River) and open himself to the adventure and danger of the unknown. With andamento as a tool, I try to capture the order of civilization and the disorder of the wilderness. The themes of individual liberty, free will and risk are a part of this piece, as they are with Huck himself.