Ode to a Legacy

Rachel Sager "Ode to a legacy" mosaic coastline map cartographyJuly 2012, commission

32″h w 13″w

Materials: Sandstone, limestone, marble, concretion stone, glazed ceramic tile, Italian smalti, 24-karat gold smalti, copper pipe

Awarded Best in Show by juror Sonia King at ‘Articulate: The Artist’s Voice’, an exhibit at the Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina (August 2012).

Artist Statement

-ode: [Greek origin] a poem in elaborate form expressing deep emotion for a person or thing.

This commissioned work has become one of my favorite examples of mosaic “abstract topography”. The client who requested it is of Greek descent, and his only requirement was that I include the famous Mediterranean blue water. The rest was at my discretion. As an artist who has chosen mosaic as her medium, I owe a debt to the Greeks. As an avid reader of philosophy and a logophile, I owe a debt to the Greeks. As a modern citizen benefiting from democracy, I owe a debt to the Greeks. (The irony of using the word debt and Greek in the same sentence is not lost.) This piece is my rumination on the rise and fall of civilizations. Nothing lasts forever.

One of the miracles of mosaic lies in the meanderings of andamento and the many worlds one can discover within one work of art.