A World Divided

Rachel Sager "A World Divided" mosaic - geology frackingSeptember 2011

18″h x 12″w

Materials: Fossil-rich sandstone, vintage Italian smalti, 24-karat gold, dichroic glass, concretion stone, copper pipe

 Artist Statement

This piece is very much tied into the Marcellus series. It’s a more abstract deep well image but viewed within the other geologic works, one can see the drill references. I have been watching Pennsylvania communities splinter into taking sides for and against the idea of fracking and gas drilling in general. I often feel as if I am straddling a deep chasm, because I understand both sides. I see the direct improvement in our local economies; no small thing at this point in time. I also see the beautiful farmland I’ve grown up around being dotted with a new industry. So, I think A World Divided represents my small little corner of the world and its struggles to come to terms with its role in a crucial point in the history of energy.