The Ruins Project

Rachel has made a lifelong commitment to transforming the walls of a former coal mine on her property, dubbed The Ruins Project, into a long-term mosaic art installation. This mosaic pilgrimage park is attracting artists, students, art appreciators and travelers from all over the world to her little home in Whitsett, Pennsylvania.

What is The Ruins Project? – An explanation of how the project works and a list upcoming Ruins Project workshops (including pricing) for students.

FAQ – Answers to basic questions such as where to stay, what to pack, cancellation fees, etc.

The Ruins Project Tours – Tours starting at $15/person of this one-of-a-kind installation can be booked here.  4 person minimum.  Reservations are highly recommended.

The Ruins Gallery – A selection of artwork by Ruins Project contributors.

The Ruins Project Contributors – List of names (and country of origin) of all the artists and others who have contributed to The Ruins walls.