Walking the line…online

​I hate to travel. It wasn’t always this way. My family loves to locate all of my red dots on the map over the years. Ireland, China, most of Western Europe, Czech Republic, The Canary Islands, Argentina… The point is, I’ve fallen in love with my own little corner of the world and don’t like to leave its comfort unless tempted with the good carrots. Note to Scotland: If you invite me, I will come!

I may hate to travel, but I love to teach. This presents challenges to both me and my future students. Not everyone can get themselves to my studio at The Ruins Project in Pennsylvania.  Happily, Tami Macala of the Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art has invited me to be a contributor to her very exciting new niche learning venue, Mosaic Arts Online.

With Tami’s expert help, I have built a very particular tutorial titled “Intuitive Andamento“. It works as a condensed but focused example of my in-person teaching style. In just under an hour, a student of mosaic will learn about the nuance that is crucial for building lines that express parts of yourself.

Andamento can be so much more than simply getting from point A to point B. Those little adventures within the line itself are where the real fun stuff happens. If you want to be introduced to what mosaic can be, if you want to push your style into new territory, in short, if you want to build lines with personality, then this just under an hour tutorial may be what you are looking for. The risk versus investment is low compared to getting yourself through an airport and booking a hotel room.

I am proud of this workshop and look forward to hearing feedback if you take the leap.

Keep walking that line!
Rachel Sager, The Forager Mosaicist

6 thoughts on “Walking the line…online”

  1. Just finished this online tutorial. Am jonesing to find some sandstone to work with in the Catskills where I live. Any suggestions? Other kinds of stone that cut similarly?

    I cannot wait to start discovering my own line!

    1. Nice! First step is to get out there and start foraging! Try to avoid granite if you can. Its tell-tale quality is a speckled egg look, or just speckled in general. Sandstone will be different up in your neck of woods, but still worth experimenting with. You want stone that splits into cube-like shape naturally. Send pics of your finds!

  2. I started a new note book. When I sit down I divide the new page into quarters and every day, at least one quarter gets filled with different kinds of lines. The intuitive andamento is inspirational.

    1. So you are drawing lines, Liz? That makes me smile this morning. Exactly the kind of thinking this class is meant to inspire. Thank you for sharing that detail

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