Rachel Sager "Geographika Lafayette" mosaic

Artist Statement

Artist. Teacher. Speaker. Writer.

Rachel Sager, the forager mosaicist, works on the cutting edge of the contemporary mosaic fine art movement. Her work has been represented in cities throughout the U.S. and internationally and has been awarded multiple Best of Show awards in juried exhibitions. Rachel’s Marcellus Shale Series stands as a true Pittsburgh success story as her work is collected with passion by private clients and corporations all over the world. As a teacher, Rachel’s commitment to the classical language of mosaic paired with her “intuitive andamento is shaping a strong voice in the mosaic world.  She brings these classical techniques home to the here and now of the current American mosaic movement.

Rachel hails from the foothills of Appalachia and passionately preserves her storytelling, hillbilly roots as she weaves the colorful tales of family, nature, self-reliance, humor, and the legacy of coal through the lens of mosaic.  Whether she is digging into the earth of her native Pennsylvania, traveling the world as a teacher and speaker, or working as the pioneer of The Ruins Project, her mission is to build the line in mosaic and inspire new generations of mosaicists.

Rachel Sager, mosaic artist

Rachel believes that conceptual art is made better when paired with rigorous technique. Building relationships with material should take precedent over flashy, purchased bling. When viewing her art, imagine how each square of stone has been foraged, cleaned, cut, appreciated and placed carefully into the lines of andamento that make up the language of mosaic.