Available for Purchase

For information about purchasing any of the mosaics listed below, or for custom orders, please contact me via email.

“American Canoe Dog” (2018)
“Dragonfly” (2017)
“American Jackalope” (2017)
“American Dog” (2017)
“American Deer” (2017)
"Monolithic Kin" (2016)
“Monolithic Kin” (2016)
Rachel Sager "Center of the Universe" mosaic map cartography
“The Center of the Universe” (2013)
Rachel Sager "Oceanus Occidentalis" mosaic - full frame
“Oceanus Occidentalis” (2012)
Rachel Sager "Printlandia" mosaic
“Printlandia: A Conversation With My Epson Printer” (2012)
Rachel Sager "Utica" mosaic sculpture - shale drilling
“Utica” (2011)