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Turn Your Printer into a Mosaic

Yes you read that correctly. I want to teach you how to “Turn your Printer into a Mosaic”.

We live in a world where waste is everywhere. It is so easy to consume and discard that we sometimes forget that what we throw away has to go somewhere on our planet earth. As a mosaic artist we can figure out ways to RE-use or “UPCYCLE” almost anything by turning it into art.

In 2012, Rachel created one of the most transformative pieces of her career so far, “Printlandia“, in which she cut up and then reassembled her Epson Stylus 500 Printer into an imaginary map of her own making. In this unique course, Rachel recreates for you the experience she had making and taking this very personal journey when she realized that almost anything can be made into a mosaic.

In this course, “Printlandia“, Rachel uses the same cutting techniques, andamento and unique line building you have learned from her other courses at Mosaic Arts Online.  There are also lessons in tinting thin set, creating a simple design, and cutting these unique materials. There is a short PDF that is downloadable with all the tools, materials and resources to create this project. Join Rachel in thinking outside the box and imagining new ways of using one of the world’s oldest art forms.

Intuitive Andamento 2.0

Embracing Your Elegance 

This workshop is the natural compliment to my original Intuitive Andamento class. They can each stand alone but are stronger when followed in order as a team.

Refine your voice as an artist. Believe that the power of your imagination is limitless. Evolve your andamento into a more elegant form of communication.

I want to give you the power and knowledge to transform the heavy into the elegant. In the first workshop, you learned to separate your brain for worrying about the composition. By working on the long substrate that I call the yoga mat, you approached each line as a practice. Jump into the adventure of building lines that talk to each other on your substrate.

In this course, ​I will be leading you through an actual piece of my own work, from start to finish and sharing with you how I tap into my intuition with every piece. ​

Intuitive Andamento with Rachel Sager

Learn the secrets to building pathways of expression through Intuitive Andamento

Have you ever felt let down by the simple, often one word definitions used to describe the pathways that we, as mosaicists, travel? Do you want to deepen your understanding of the miracle and nuance that is possible within the line? If you want more out of mosaic than simply using pieces to get from point A to point B, then this specialized workshop is for you.

Listen to Rachel Sager, The Forager Mosaicist, as she breaks down andamento into bite-size chunks, introduces you to The Rules, takes some of the mystery out of hammer and hardie work and, most importantly, shares some of her secrets to grasping the mysteries that make for intuitive, creative and deeply personal andamento.

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