Allegory of Free Will

Rachel Sager "Allegory of Free Will" mosaic

August 2014

35.5″h x 26.5″w

Materials: Marcellus shale, sandstone, Italian and gold smalti, native copper, sawblade, white-tail deer antler, anthracite and bituminous coal, copper wire, concretion stone

Artist Statement

This composition of modern allegory tells a story… A story deeply personal and openly universal. Free will, as an idea, has a rabbit hole of interpretations. The stag in his landscape personifies one individual’s desperate choice and the subsequent mutation that sprouts from that choice. Some choices change us and the direction of our paths irrevocably. As with the art of mosaic, each choice we make has consequences that shape our architectural endgames. Those of us who work in this medium of eternal options of shape, size, color, texture, and pathways, embrace the act of free will with every chosen tessera.