exploration [ek-spluh-rey-shuhn]
1. an act or instance of exploring or investigating; examination
2. the investigation of unknown regions

Works in this gallery represent taking a step into uncharted territories, whether that be a collaboration with another artist, testing a new artistic concept, or just pushing my own self-perceived limitations. They are significant in that they all involve a certain level of risk taking, going out on a limb and challenging myself for art’s sake.

Click on the images below to explore the individual mosaics in greater depth.

Rachel Sager "Driveway" mosaic
“Driveway” (2012)
Rachel Sager "Color Wheel" mosaic
“Color Wheel: From Whitsett to Leiper’s Fork” (2012)
Rachel Sager "Printlandia" mosaic
“Printlandia” (2012)
Rachel Sager "The Back Room" picassiette mosaic - coastline map
“The Back Room” (2012)


Rachel Sager & Jo Braun - "Cosmosis" collaborative mosaic
“Cosmosis” (2011), collaboration with Jo Braun
Rachel Sager & Jo Braun - "Utility Pole" collaborative mosaic
“Utility Pole” (2011), collaboration with Jo Braun