The Forager Mosaicist | Pioneer of The Ruins Project | Teacher of Intuitive Andamento

A native of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Rachel Sager works on the cutting edge of the contemporary mosaic fine art movement. Her imaginary map-like mosaics have been featured internationally and in cities throughout the U.S. where she has received multiple Best of Show Awards in juried exhibitions.

Rachel believes that being an artist means illuminating sometimes difficult truths so others can dream beyond the status quo. Her studio practice digs deep into the big questions that define us as humans; the enduring power of the archetype, free will, liberty, and free speech, truth and beauty, nature versus industry, art versus labor and grappling with our own mortality. For Rachel, being an artist was the only choice to make sense out of our upside-down world.

When viewing her art, imagine how each square of stone has been foraged, cleaned, cut, appreciated and placed carefully into the lines of andamento that make up the language of mosaic.