EXHIBITION:  GEOGRAPHIKA LaFayette, A Solo Exhibition

WHERE: Nemacolin Gallery
Located in the Chateau LaFayette at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort
1001 LaFayette Drive, Farmington, PA 15437
Open to the Public 24hrs – 7 days a week.

WHENGEOGRAPHIKA LaFayette will be on display in the Nemacolin Gallery from September 30th to November 29th, 2014.
Saturday, October 4th, 2014
Nemacolin Gallery
5:30PMto 7PM
DESCRIPTION:  This October,  my latest mosaic collection, GEOGRAPHIKA LaFayette, will be the featured  work in the Nemacolin Gallery at Nemacolin Woodlands. Through a wonderful partnership with Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, The Uniontown Arts Fellowship (UAF) hosts seasonal art exhibitions in the Nemacolin Gallery featuring local artists from Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The Hardy Family Art Collection is also housed in the halls of the Nemacolin Gallery, so my work will literally be rubbing shoulders with names like Toulouse-Lautrec, Calder, Remington, Tiffany, and Audubon!

*A portion of all purchases from the gallery will benefit UAF’s Phoenix Arts Center.


COURSE: The Urban Mosaicist: Building Relationships with Material,
5-week intensive
WHERE: Society for Contemporary Craft , Pittsburgh PA

WHENMeets Wednesdays from April 22 to May 20, 2105

DESCRIPTION:  Let internationally known  artist, teacher, and speaker, Rachel Sager, expand your idea of the definition of mosaic. Throughout this 5 week course, you will be illuminated into the innovations happening in this generous medium.  Learn to build a mosaic from the ground up, starting with creating Rachel’s signature substrates, foraging for materials in the urban landscape of Pittsburgh, and being introduced to the fascinating historical language of mosaic. Cutting stone, glass, and ceramic with the traditional hammer and hardie will be integral to this well-rounded immersion style workshop. You will never look at raw material the same way again!

It is encouraged for students to make the commitment of purchasing their own tools ( due to the personal connection one makes while building these relationships with material. You will leave with a finished mosaic, but more importantly, you will have begun to see the world as Rachel describes, “in pieces of things”.

EVENT REGISTRATION: - Online Registration Available Soon…

COURSE: The Forager Mosaicist: Weeklong Intensive
WHERE: Touchstone, Farmington, PA
WHEN: Monday through Friday, June 22-26, 2015

DESCRIPTION: Coming soon…

EVENT REGISTRATION: - Online Registration Available Soon…

COURSE: The Scavenger Mosaicist: How to turn ANYTHING into a mosaic worthy material
WHERE: Touchstone, Farmington, PA
WHEN: Friday through Monday, September 4-7, 2105;
Extended Weekend

DESCRIPTIONIf you think the definition of mosaic is pieces of colored glass glued to a substrate, think again! Join award-winning artist, teacher, and speaker Rachel Sager as she breaks down the vast piles of potential tesserae out there in the world. This extended weekend workshop will focus on Rachel’s often surprising ideas of raw material and the many problem solving approaches to cutting them all.  As always, in Rachel’s learning environment, the philosophy behind the act of cutting will be celebrated. You will learn to see things in their whole state as simply grist for your mill, waiting to become mosaic. Materials used will be salvage, scrap, and discards, both man-made and geologic, extraordinary and common. Students will have access to stockpiles of stone, glass, tile, clay, metal, wood and the tools to break them down. This workshop is open to all levels, but is suited to the inquisitive student seeking alternatives to the average mosaic experience.

Although you will have the option to lay your tesserae and create an actual mosaic, this workshop is more geared to the active actions of cutting.

Your take-home creation will be secondary to your education into the art of creating elegant pieces of things.

EVENT REGISTRATION: - Online Registration Available Soon…