Pre-SAMA pondering

As I prepare my words and my rocks for the city of Detroit next week, I find that my thoughts shift towards sweeping, big picture kind of thinking. The annual conference for the Society of American Mosaic Artists is a mix of sensory overload, high-spirited debate, and a general messiness that I look forward to with a kind of paradoxical anticipation.

My temporary hole

I genuinely love the event, but I always find myself crawling into a hole to hibernate for a few weeks after it’s over.

Spoken like a true introvert who experiences short moments of illuminated storytelling.

But back to the big picture thinking. My artistic life is becoming ever more defined by the The Ruins Project and its evolution. I am honored to be telling the stories of its first year as a featured presenter on Saturday May 6th at 1pm. One of the best lessons I have learned about the act of speaking is that it forces you to figure out just exactly who you are.

In order to be genuine and honest with others, one must first understand the substrate, pun intended, of oneself.

It’s Bigger than all of us

The Ruins is bigger than me. It’s bigger than you. I look forward to sharing with you how it can be many things to all of us.

If you are looking to slow down and soak in some high-quality reading with a quiet cup of coffee this pre-SAMA week, check out Laura Paull’s article about her experience at The Ruins Project last year. It’s a gem.

See you in Detroit!

2 thoughts on “Pre-SAMA pondering”

  1. I will sincerely miss hearing your talk! And so many of the others. I sure wish SAMA would record these presentations and make them available to the membership who aren’t able to attend.
    Have a wonderful conference. You are an inspiration to me, and so many. I hope to be able to visit the Ruins project one day. Maybe next year!

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