The Back Room

Rachel Sager "The Back Room" picassiette mosaic - coastline mapDecember 2012

23″h x 12″w

Materials: picassiette (broken plates)

Artist Statement

Exploring unknown worlds can sometimes be as simple as forcing myself to work in a material that I find distasteful or have a prejudice against. Material can be a consequential choice in the mosaic arts; it defines our taste, our style, and often our intent. I chose to work in picassiette, or broken plates, with the intention to travel into uncomfortable territory and confront a narrow-minded bias towards what I have defined as a craft/art.

I use maps to communicate ideas; to connect the past to the future. This cartographic image represents the release of prejudices I have been holding against certain materials I considered to be inferior for mosaic. Revisiting my beginnings in the picassiette medium, I realize that it is not the material that is inferior, but the spirit and technique with which I approach that material. As a result, I find that I have transposed that material so completely that it is mostly unrecognizable.